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Gary Johnson is top choice among Independent voters – NBC News

Source: NBC News

The War on Drugs is an Epic Fail – Jeremy D. Johnson

Jay Z narrates and Molly Crabapple illustrates this New York Times video on the failure of the war on drugs.

This short film, narrated by Jay Z (Shawn Carter) and featuring the artwork of Molly Crabapple, is part history lesson about the war on drugs and part vision statement. As Ms. Crabapple’s haunting images flash by, the film takes us from the Nixon administration and the Rockefeller drug laws — the draconian 1973 statutes enacted in New York that exploded the state’s prison population and ushered in a period of similar sentencing schemes for other states — through the extraordinary growth in our nation’s prison population to the emerging aboveground marijuana market of today. We learn how African-Americans can make up around 13 percent of the United States population — yet 31 percent of those arrested for drug law violations, even though they use and sell drugs at the same rate as whites.

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Source: The War on Drugs is an Epic Fail – Reality Sandwich

Pelosi Blames Gary Johnson & Jill Stein for Hillary Falling in the Polls

The Libertarian Vindicator

Talk about delusional thinking. Blaming credible third party challengers for the fall of your candidate. How about your candidate steps up and stops preaching perpetual war, and a social system that will bankrupt the country, etc.

Give me a break!

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Union Leader of New Hampshire Endorses Gary Johnson Over Donald Trump

The Libertarian Vindicator


The game is starting to change and it is apparent over the past week as Gary Johnson has racked up his third major newspaper endorsement. This time the Union Leader in New Hampshire for the first time in 100 years will not endorse a Republican for President but rather the Libertarian nominee.

From The New York Times:

When Donald J. Trump returns to campaign in New Hampshire on Thursday, he will be greeted by a familiar, if unwelcome, sight — a blistering attack on the front page of The Union Leader.

After assailing Mr. Trump on a regular basis leading up to the state’s primary, the venerable Union Leader, a conservative bulwark for generations, is now going a step further: For the first time in over 100 years, New Hampshire’s largest newspaper will not be endorsing the Republican nominee for president.

“The man is a liar, a bully, a…

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Gary Johnson campaign runs full-page ad in today’s New York Times calling for debate inclusion

Click here for full page ad

Richard Winger at Ballot Access News reports today: The September 14 New York Times print edition contains a full-page ad from the Gary Johnson-Bill Weld presidential campaign, …

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Source: Gary Johnson campaign runs full-page ad in today’s New York Times calling for debate inclusion | Independent Political Report

Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition

Their mission: to seek out new life and new civilizations, and leave them alone. Trade with them if they want, but mostly leave them the hell alone.

In honor of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, Reason presents the Libertarian parody of the final frontier, with appearances by Gary Johnson and Remy.

Written and produced by Austin Bragg, Meredith Bragg, and Andrew Heaton. Shot and edited by Bragg and Bragg.


Libertarian nominee top choice among veterans – Kristina Wong

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is the top choice of respondents in the most recent polling of the military community.

Johnson was preferred by 37 percent of respondents, which include active-duty, retired and former members of the military, as well as their family members.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump came in second, at 30 percent, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton came in third, at 24 percent.

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Source: Libertarian nominee top choice among veterans | TheHill

Decision 2016: Gary Johnson for president – Winston-Salem Journal

Gary Johnson.

We’ve surprised even ourselves with this endorsement, our first for a Libertarian for president. But the timing has never been better for this particular Libertarian, Gary Johnson of New Mexico. He is everything the presidential candidates for the two major parties are not, thank God…

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Source: Decision 2016: Gary Johnson for president – Winston-Salem Journal: Editorials

Anarchy, Swamp, and Utopia – Jesse Walker

Archeologists offer a new look at a secretive settlement of runaway slaves.

In Seeing Like a State and The Art of Not Being Governed, the anthropologist and political scientist James C. Scott explores the idea of nonstate spaces. In such regions, he writes in Art, “owing largely to geographical obstacles, the state has particular difficulty in establishing and maintaining its authority.” Those obstacles can take many shapes—Scott mentions “swamps, marshes, mangrove coasts, deserts, volcanic margins, and even the open sea”—but the result is the same: They become havens “for peoples resisting or fleeing the state.”

It sounds exotic, and the territory that Art ends up discussing in detail—a vast Asian area known as Zomia—is far from America. But such spaces have appeared here in the United States too. The Great Dismal Swamp in North Carolina and Virgina is, as its name suggests, an unforgiving landscape. But it was also a refuge for slaves and for others fleeing authority.

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Source: Anarchy, Swamp, and Utopia – Hit & Run :

Mittens Gets This One Right


When Bob Dylan Turned the Beatles On To Marijuana – Martin A. Lee

After the Beatles got into grass, they began to think of themselves as artists, not just performers. The herb triggered a creative surge that altered their approach to writing and recording songs.

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Source: When Bob Dylan Turned the Beatles On To Marijuana – Reality Sandwich

Libertarianism Is Now A Young Persons Game

The Libertarian Vindicator

The rise of Gary Johnson in the polls the last few months has brought forth a new idea in American politics. With the rise of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as their party leaders, many people are moving away from the idea of the two-party system and the idea of having to be backed into a corner to support a particular Presidential candidate.

Libertarianism is now taking hold as a legitimate political philosophy like it never has before. Part of this has been the Libertarian Party not trying hard enough to spread their message, and now it is becoming people opening their eyes to the ideas that Libertarians stand for.

I recently had a conversation with an educated person about the current election. He asked me what Libertarians actually stand for. I was taken back at first, but then soon realized that most people, even the educated ones, had never taken…

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What Liberty is all about – Jay Polk


Editor’s note: Jay Polk is a former chair of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee and a good friend of mine…

I love each and every one of you. Here’s how you know: I don’t want to force you to change your lifestyle. I don’t want to force you to give away your money or property. I don’t want to control what you do with, or to, your body. I don’t want to send you or your children to foreign lands to die in a war. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what Love is all about. And it’s no coincidence that this is what Liberty is all about as well.

Our world is severely lacking in our Love for one another which, I believe, stems from the fact that many people do not love themselves. We are told that we cannot make important decisions about our lives without the government’s wise and powerful hand. That without them, our world would descend into chaos. Libertarians know the opposite is true.

Government divides and isolates. Those who need charity no longer have to seek help from their community. Those who want to spread their beliefs no longer have to knock on doors and talk to their friends and neighbors. The government does these things for them through coercion and deceit.

Libertarians know that through voluntary relationships, we find our self-worth. By interacting with our neighbors, we build a stronger community. By loving ourselves, we can love each other and share the Liberty that comes along with it.

The secret LSD-fuelled CIA experiment that inspired Stranger Things – Richard Vine


Spoiler alert: this article discusses the plot of season one of Stranger Things.

With its blend of 1980s nostalgia, pesky kids on BMXs, Stephen King-style small town horror and pulsing synth soundtrack, Stranger Things has been one of the TV hits of the summer.

But just as strange as its plot about a missing child, a freaky Demogorgon monster, the bizarre Upside Down parallel dimension and Winona Ryder’s obsession with Christmas lights is the story behind Project MKUltra, the real-life inspiration for the show’s shadowy government research facility.

When police chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) uncovers a reference to MKUltra in the evil Dr Brenner’s past (thanks to a diligent search of microfiche newspaper cuttings), it’s a nod to viewers that series creators, the Duffer brothers, were drawing not just their love of Spielberg but also a moment when truth was as strange as fiction.

As Matt Duffer has said, Stranger Things evolved from being a paranormal story about a missing child when they started “talking about some of the mysterious government experiments that … were happening at the tail end of the cold war, right when rumoured [projects] like MKUltra were ramping down”.

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Source: The secret LSD-fuelled CIA experiment that inspired Stranger Things | Television & radio | The Guardian

Psychedelics: The Trip from Criminality to Validity – Jack Owen

Almost all native cultures have integrated psychedelic healing into their way of life. However, since the War on Drugs began in 1971 in response to the counter-culture movement of the 1960s, Western civilization has turned its back on the idea that psychedelics could have any medical benefit.

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Source: Psychedelics: The Trip from Criminality to Validity – Reality Sandwich

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