Anthony Gregory: Obama’s Persecution of Bradley Manning



Thanks to Bradley Manning, the world learned important information about the U.S. government’s misconduct abroad. He pled guilty February 28 to leaking 700,000 documents to WikiLeaks, the international source that has exposed the malfeasance of institutions the world over. He leaked these documents to reveal the government’s obsession “with killing and capturing people” and “to make the world a better place.” The documents shined light on mistreated detainees at Guantánamo and such atrocities as the now notorious 2007 civilian killings in Iraq that were publicized in the “Collateral Murder” video three years ago. Some have argued that some of the tens of thousands of diplomatic cables helped incite the Arab Spring.

Manning is expected to serve up to 20 years in prison. This, after he already languished for over a thousand days in detention. The Obama administration held him in a particularly sadistic form of solitary confinement for nine months, which over 250 lawyers protested in an open letter to the government.


Read more via Anthony Gregory: Obama’s Persecution of Bradley Manning.

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