Yes, Cyprus Was Aimed at Sinking Tax Havens


Cyprus’s banks have been tamed – are Malta and Luxembourg next? Tiny Malta’s banking sector is even bigger relative to GDP – and secretive Luxembourg’s banks exceed GDP by a factor of 23 … For the architects of the Cyprus bailout – the German government and the International Monetary Fund – there was no doubt that the central aim of the shock therapy was to bring down an oversized banking sector that was failing. That applied especially to the Bank of Cyprus, the island’s biggest and Laiki, the number two. The latter was essentially insolvent, surviving on a liquidity lifeline from the European Central Bank. − Guardian

Dominant Social Theme: Cyprus was an accident waiting to happen. Thank goodness Brussels took action.

Free-Market Analysis: We’ve written numerous articles on Cyprus now explaining that its takedown was a deliberate if misguided attempt to further consolidate EU power. Emerging information regarding an intent to crush Russian money power makes a lot of sense.

The Guardian’s analysis adds a good deal to this rationale and this indeed fits in with our paradigm. What globalists want is control. The idea that the Cyprus takedown was aimed at those taking advantage of Cyprus’ lack of monetary control makes sense. Let us see if Malta and Luxembourg are indeed “next” as suggested by the Guardian (above).


Read more via The Daily Bell – Yes, Cyprus Was Aimed at Sinking Tax Havens.

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