Liberty Bridges the Gap Between Rival Schools In Montana



Even in the face of a fierce rivalry between schools that spans more than a century, liberty finds a way.On March 11th a group of Montana State University YAL members traveled to the other side of the state, intent on gathering enough support to start up a YAL Chapter at the University of Montana.

A full signup page, dozens of stickers on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and a parking ticket later, MSU YAL walked away successful.YAL at UM is now lined up to be an important link between already existent student groups on campus. Matt Haefner, the new president of the UM YAL chapter, has already expressed his interest in forming a coalition between the UM College Republican chapter to promote constructive dialogue about the ideas of liberty.

The UM College Libertarians were also instrumental in the formation of this new YAL group, and in fact reserved us the table space. They have also shown interest in working with the new YAL group.


Read more via Liberty Bridges the Gap Between Rival Schools In Montana | Young Americans for Liberty.

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