Against All Enemies



The latest movie project from the Foundation For A Free Society, in cooperation with Oath Keepers, “Against All Enemies: Honoring  The Oath, Defending The Constitution”…


Our forefathers fought a bloody revolution to secure “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” for their posterity.

And yet, once again we face “a long train of abuses and usyprations”-such as the PATRIOT Act; Section 1021 of the NDAA (authorizing military detention, trial by military tribunal, and extraordinary rendition of U.S. citizens); Obama’s secret “snuff list” and assassination program; the cancerous growth of the DHS; the increasing domestic use of the NSA and CIA; the creation of NORTHCOM; the militarization and nationalization of local police, etc.-all “pursuing invariably the same Object,” evincing a design to reduce us “under absolute despotism.”

History is repeating itself. America is now far past the abuses that compelled our Revolutions and is on track to follow in the bloody footsteps of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. But the Founders gave us a powerful weapon against tyranny the people of Germany did not have. In Nazi Germany the oath was to the Fuehrer, to obey him unconditionally. But in America, the oath is to the Constitution, not to any politician or office-holder. And that oath is required by Article VI of the Constitution itself…


Read more via Honoring The Oath. Defending The Constitution. | Against All Enemies.

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