Pittman files bill to repeal Kannapolis special annexation rights



See Editor’s note below…


KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – Rep. Larry Pittman N.C.-82 on Wednesday filed a bill that would repeal the 2007 law that gave the City of Kannapolis special annexation rights. The 2007 law gave Kannapolis the right to satellite annex property in the county west of the city and north of Highway 73, instead of the normal limit of three miles from corporate city limits.


Read more via Pittman files bill to repeal Kannapolis special annexation rights – The Independent Tribune: News.


The first sentence of the story motivated me to respond in the comment section of the story…

‘I hate to nitpick the staff writer but government has the power to extend privileges, not rights. Our rights, such as the right to life, liberty and justly acquired property, are based on the fact of merely being born into this world. I believe our rights are endowed to us by our Creator, not the City of Kannapolis, Raleigh or Washington, DC.

If the majority of people do not understand the difference between rights and privileges, how can they effectively stand up and defend their free will and other wonderful gifts “The Great Legislator of the Universe” has conferred upon them?

Ignorance of the nature of Mankind and governments has proven to be this great Republic’s downfall.”

Btw, I agree with Representative Pittman in his efforts to repeal special annexation privileges, which in this case is also known as powers…

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