Why Peace? Why Not? – Lee Wrights



From the Wrights 2012 campaign…


My most natural reaction to the simply put question, “Why peace?” is puzzlement. My natural response to the question would be, “Why peace? Why not?” How could peace possibly be a bad thing? Then I realize how aloft and self-righteous simple questions and answers can sometimes seem. It is best, as is my normal fashion, to treat even seemingly simple questions as serious inquiries into fundamental freedom throughout the United States and the world. I understand we must be able to demonstrate why peace is beneficial to individuals, nations and civilizations. So, let’s start over… Why peace?

I think the clearest and simplest answer is, “Why not; we have tried war, over and over again, we never win, and the problems we war against only get worse. As the old ’60s song goes: all we are saying is, give peace a chance.” Not only that, but history proves that when there is no war, people prosper. There have been economic booms, scientific advancements, and cultural progress after every conflict American has fought, beginning with our War of Independence.


Read more via Liberty For All » Wrights 2012.

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