People must want to be free



Flashback to the Wrights 2012 archives…


Politicians are very adept about making excuses for their failures. The greater the failure, the bigger, more absurd the excuse. Shortly after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, while Americans were still reeling from shock, our political leaders very quickly conjured up a canard to cover up their failure to predict, deter, or avoid the attack. Rather than accept any responsibility at all for the tragedy, or even to acknowledge that American foreign policy was at least partly to blame, the ruling elites resorted to the mantra: “They hate us because of our freedom.”

Incredibly, America’s cherished freedom was branded as the cause of this atrocity, not our military adventurism or our interventionist foreign policy. “They hate us because of our freedom,” politicians asserted, ignoring the reality that the United Stares is the world’s preeminent “nosy neighbor,” supporting tyrants who oppress their own people, advancing American corporate and economic interests over those of other nations, and imposing our will and values on other peoples without regard for their culture and history.


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