The Market Is a Beautiful Thing



Market advocates tend to respect the intellect of their fellow human beings. You can tell by their reliance on philosophical, moral, economic, and historical arguments when trying to persuade others. But what if most people’s aversion to the market isn’t founded in philosophy, morality, economics, or history? What if their objection is aesthetic?More and more I’ve come to think this is the case, and I believe I witnessed an example recently at a lecture I gave at St. Lawrence University. During the Q&A a woman asked, in all sincerity, why society couldn’t do without money, since so many bad things are associated with it. She also suggested that cooperation is better than market competition. I replied that since money facilitates exchange and exchange is cooperation, it follows that money facilitates cooperation — a lovely thing, indeed. Government, I added, corrupts money.


Read more via TGIF: The Market Is a Beautiful Thing The Future of Freedom Foundation.

One thought on “The Market Is a Beautiful Thing

  1. tiffany267 April 12, 2013 / 8:07 PM

    Not only does government corrupt money but it outlaws money that isn’t touched by its blood-red hands.


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