Enough Is Enough: The Tide Is Turning in the War On Drugs



Written by Eugene Jarecki…


Today, on HuffPost, John Legend and I are premiering a music video of his new song, “The House I Live In”, with images from my film of the same name. Both pieces cry out for reform of our four-decades failed War on Drugs. John’s performance is heartbreaking, and I can’t say enough about the depth he brings to covering an American anthem first popularized by Frank Sinatra and Paul Robeson.

When John sings “what is America to me?,” he asks a question at the heart of so much that needs fixing in America today. Wherever we look, we see communities whose best hopes have been hijacked by an unholy mix of political and economic greed that places profit before people and principle. Nowhere is this immoral calculus more brazen than in the War on Drugs, which literally has made mass-incarceration one of America’s leading industries. The good news, though, is that ending the Drug War — so long overdue — may actually be within reach.


Read more via Eugene Jarecki: Enough Is Enough: The Tide Is Turning in the War On Drugs.

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