Meet an Enforcer of Approved Opinion



Written by Tom Woods…


To be attacked by a Gore Vidal, or an H.L. Mencken, one of the great wordsmiths of American criticism, while surely unpleasant, must have been oddly exhilarating for the poor souls on the receiving end. I, on the other hand, have the more dubious and prosaic distinction of being a regular target of Ian Millhiser.

So you’ve never heard of Ian Millhiser. You’ve never seen him. But you only think you haven’t. You have.Ever met someone who’s dying to let you and the rest of the world know he holds all the approved opinions?

Then you have met Ian Millhiser.In every hysterical reaction to dissident voices – i.e., voices that gasp! differ from both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney! – you have seen him.

You have seen Ian in every social climber who would die a thousand deaths before entertaining an unconventional thought.


Read more via Meet an Enforcer of Approved Opinion – Tenth Amendment Center.

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