Nullification in North Carolina



In addition to screening the movie “Nullification; The Rightful Remedy, I will be conducting a break-out session based on the concept of nullification at the Libertarian Party of NC convention June 7th – 9th in Flat Rock, NC.

Below is a brief summary of the session…


Nullification: Today’s Tool Against Tyranny

While most liberty minded people are aware of state nullification in terms of the tenth amendment of the US Constitution, fewer folks understand the concept of nullification and its power to restore liberties lost; the power to reclaim those stolen liberties today, not sometime in some unknown future.

Join me as we explore the different applications of nullification…

•The People of the States defending themselves from our bloated and burdensome federal government…

•Citizens using their county and municipal governments to resist overbearing state legislation…

•Jurors reclaiming and exercising their right to jury nullification…

•The most powerful form of nullification.. individual nullification, which basically translates to “I Do Not Comply!”; The power of simply saying “No”…


For more convention info, please visit

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