Gov Futures Lab USA and Millennial Trains Project

Open Gov Underground

It’s official.

The Open Gov Underground will be taking Governance Futures Lab across the USA, hitching a ride on the Millennial Trains Project this August!

Mahalo nui loa to my supporters!

Millennial Trains Thank You from Lindsea Kemp on Vimeo.

Caboose exterior

Our train, a moving platform

The Millennial Trains Project, at its most basic, is a curatorial experiment in lived experience—a social architecture built of a vintage train, ten cities across America, and mentors that range from seed investors to a National Geographic Traveler writer. The users? Twenty millennial-generation participants, our virtual audience, and communities in the Bay Area, Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and DC.

Each participant earned their spot on this wild ride across the heartlands of America by “crowdhitching” the money to pursue a project in each city. We created accounts on the custom Millennial Trains Project crowdsourcing platform, and raised $5,000. This money covers…

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