Establishment Left and Right Agree on Nullification



When Tal Kopan contacted me for the Politico story, I was happy to spend some time with her. In our conversation, it quickly became obvious that she was planning on framing nullification as partisan, and a tool that’s only used by the conservative right.

In our 30 minute conversation, I repeatedly pointed out that this is a false narrative, that nullification is used prominently by both the left and the right. She seemed surprised at first, so I made sure she knew what I meant. I pointed out that the two largest state nullification efforts in modern times have been marijuana legalization (which generally isn’t associated with the “anti-Obama” right-wing narrative) and the ACLU-led state resistance to the REAL ID act, which happened primarily under George Bush.

Certainly someone who was writing a “report” would have mentioned that. Someone who wanted to present a “narrative,” on the other hand, would not.


Read the rest via Establishment Left and Right Agree on Nullification | Tenth Amendment Center.

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