Major Donation Received By Wrights For Texas Governor

Lee Wrights 2014


An offer of considerable support prompted Lee Wrights to follow Texas Ethics Committee guidelines by establishing a committee and bank account so we could legally collect donations.

These actions have enabled us to humbly accept a generous donation of $7,000from the Libertarian Action Super PAC (LASPAC)!

Wes Benedict, President, Libertarian Action Super PAC, had this to say about the donation…

Libertarian Action Super PAC (LASPAC) was proud to support both Gary Johnson and Lee Wrights as they sought the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President in 2012. After Gary Johnson won the nomination, LASPAC supported his campaign with promotional materials and advertisements. With the presidential campaign over, LASPAC is closing down and distributing remaining funds to the Lee Wrights’ campaign for Texas Governor, and to Gary Johnson’s Our America Initiative. It’s great to see these two men continue the fight for liberty.”

It is…

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