Lee Wrights and I on El Paso Liberty Hour This Friday

English: R. Lee Wrights LPNC 2012 State Conven...
English: R. Lee Wrights LPNC 2012 State Convention – donated by Stef Watson Lee Wrights speech: “I Am Not At War” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lee Wrights’ first campaign interview is scheduled for this coming Friday evening. He will be interviewed on the” El Paso Liberty Hour” (EPLH). Campaign Manager Thomas Hill will also be a guest on the internet radio show.

“Like Lee, I look forward to our first official event introducing Wrights 2014. Thanks to the EPLH for giving us this privileged opportunity”, Hill said.

From the EPLH Facebook event page…

…Tune in to the El Paso Liberty Hour as our Beat the Press roundtable meets with Mr. R. Lee Wrights!  He is the (actually a ) Libertarian Candidate for Texas Governor. 

R. Lee Wrights will discuss issues affecting Texas and why he should be our next Governor.

Please call in at 347-945-5615 7pm MST…

For updates more info, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/696029090412938/ 

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