Julie Fox Accepts Nomination For Illinois Comptroller

Illinois' Libertarian Party Logo
Illinois’ Libertarian Party Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long time Libertarian activist and candidate, Julie Fox accepted the Libertarian Party of Illinois nomination for Illinois Comptroller at the LP state convention this weekend in Boilingbrook, Illinois.

This will be the third time Julie has sought the office of comptroller. Fox was the LP candidate in 2002 and 2010.

Fellow West Dundee resident and Fox Valley LP activist, Thomas Hill has agreed to manage Julie’s campaign…

” I am excited, honored and humbled to manage Julie’s campaign for comptroller. She has the necessary attributes of a stellar candidate and she is far and away the most qualified of all announced candidates. Libertarians across the nation should be excited to have such a high quality candidate representing our principles and party”, Hill said.

“In the coming days, Julie and I will begin building our staff and network of supporters and volunteers. We will work hard to win the trust and support of all Illinois citizens who truly seek to restore fiscal sanity to our state government.”

Won’t you join Julie and support common sense solutions to our current financial malaise?

Elect Julie Fox 2014!

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