Celebrating Antiseen’s Antiversary Part 1

ANTiSEEN 7 (Photo credit: Hardcorepunkrocknroll)

This weekend Charlotte’s Antiseen – internationally known originators of “Destructo Rock” – celebrates its 30th anniversary. Each day this week I’ve asked someone who has witnessed the controversial Southern punk stalwarts for much longer and more intimately than I have to share their thoughts, memories, and impressions of the band (pictured from left Phil Keller, Sir Barry Hannibal, Jeff Clayton and Joe Young).

Read the rest via Sound Bites: Celebrating Antiseen’s Antiversary Part 1.

One thought on “Celebrating Antiseen’s Antiversary Part 1

  1. Web Master September 30, 2013 / 6:11 PM

    I have seen Antiseen numerous times. Used to know Joe Young from when he was involved in libertarian politics. Also was friends with original bassist, Bill Cates…


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