Federal Surveillance— Bringing the STASI to America


It is now revealed by the ACLU that the Federal Government has been using no-fly lists to turn people into Federal spies, planting them in religious institutions and community groups. For much more https://www.aclu.org/unleashed-and-unaccountable

The mechanism is simple. The Federal octopus waits until the victim has flown to a remote foreign place. He is then placed on the no-fly list. In one case, the traveler was in the Yemen, and was given the alternatives of becoming a Federal spy, or being handed over to the Yemeni authorities. In another case “After questioning (the prospective victim) about his religious beliefs and practices, FBI agents told him that is he agreed to serve as an informant for the FBI, his name would be removed from the No Fly List and he would be compensated for his cooperation.”

Decent Americans will recognize this scheme. It’s the recruiting tactic of the East German STASI, now brought to America. The important difference between the STASI and our Federal agencies is the spelling of the agency’s name.

Read the rest via George Phillies: Federal Surveillance— Bringing the STASI to America | Independent Political Report.

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