Ohio Senate Votes to Ban Libertarian Party from 2014 Ohio Election


COLUMBUS Tue., Oct, 7 at 1 p.m.

Seal of the Ohio Senate Source

The Ohio Senate has passed SB 193, just a couple of hours after it made it out of committee.A temporary setback signaling just how terrified they are of us Libertarians, and any other challenger party.Next steps to be announced soon. Keep petitioning, keep moving forward.What is SB 193?SB 193 was introduced on Sept. 19 by Republican State Senator Bill Seitz, ostensibly to provide election law for so-called “minor” parties in Ohio. The state has not had such a law since 2006, when a then-existing law was declared unconstitutional in LPO v. Blackwell.Since that time, the LPO, other challenger parties, and voting rights groups have offered solutions to Ohio lawmakers on how to craft a law that would be constitutional and fair for everyone.Those entreaties have been consistently ignored, and neither Sen. Seitz nor any other lawmaker or state elections official consulted the LPO or any other stakeholders in this issue before we got wind of SB 193′s introduction.



Read the rest via Ohio Senate Votes to Ban Libertarian Party from 2014 Ohio Election | Independent Political Report.

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