United We Stand Music Festival




LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA– Free & Equal Elections Foundation’s “United We Stand Fest,” a



politically themed music event, is being rescheduled from October 12, 2013 to a TBD date in the


Spring of 2014. UCLA Student Groups and event organizers are working together utilizing the


additional time to promote and build the festival ensuring that this first of its kind event is an


educational and global awakening experience the Nation will benefit from.


“The UCLA Student Groups’ recent interest is a great sign of hope; the possibilities are


endless,” said Christina Tobin, Founder and Chair of Free & Equal. “Student leaders see this


event as an opportunity to join Free & Equal’s movement and help bring about the long overdue


electoral reform our Nation needs. We welcome their support and participation with open arms


and feel UCLA is the perfect kick-off to our 10-Stop University Bus Tour.”


Confirmed to participate are popular musical acts such as Founding Members of


Wu-Tang Clan, Golden State and Saving Abel. Others who are invited: Tom Morello of Rage

Disciples of the 36 Chambers

Against the Machine, Immortal Technique, Playing for Change, Michael Franti, and more.


Speakers participating include Three-Time Emmy Award Winning Journalist Amber Lyon, RT


America’s Abby Martin and 2012 Presidential Candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson and more.


Read the rest via Free & Equal | Rescheduled: Politically-charged United We Stand Music Festival.


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