Washington’s Silence on Iraq

Almost five years ago, President Bush sat grasping the hand of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, flashbulbs from an army of photographers illuminating their smiling, faintly strained faces. As we know now, the agreement they had just signed and were shaking upon turned out to be a very public parting of ways.

President George W. Bush reaches out to Iraqi ...

For Washington, which wanted to keep troops in the country, but was spurned by Maliki and an Iraqi parliament that preferred to go it alone rather than give the US military continued legal immunity, breaking up has been quite easy to do. In the indomitable words of rapper Gang Starr, “you’re my ex-girl cuz I’m on with the next girl,” and Iraq is being treated thusly.

Read the rest via Washington’s Silence on Iraq by Kelley B. Vlahos — Antiwar.com.

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