Brothers grim left legacy of mischief

How instructive at a time when Washington has not been working, for Stephen Kinzer to pop out another book to give us a stunning window into a period when DC thought it was working very well.

John Foster Dulles Deutsch: John Foster Dulles...

It was the 1950s and the world was at peace, or so we thought. But not John Foster and Allen, the Dulles brothers who are the only sibling team to have ever jointly managed America‘s overt and covert foreign policy agenda.

Kinzer’s tome is called The Brothers – but there must have been an urge to go for The Brothers Grim.

After weeks exploring the parallel universe occupied by the Tea Party and its loony-tune followers, we find the same closed-mind continuous loop in the plotting by these two to make the world as they figured it ought to be.

They talked several times a day – John Foster as secretary of state and Allen as head of the CIA. But they didn’t have to because they had a seamless understanding of each other’s every thought – ”They knew, or believed they knew, the same deep truths about the world. Their intimacy rendered discussion and debate unnecessary.”

Read the rest via Brothers grim left legacy of mischief.

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