Could the Republicans Sell Water in the Desert?

Here’s a mystery. The Republicans describe themselves as the party of smaller government, and the Democrats generally agree. Polls indicate nearly unprecedented lows in public trust in the federal government.

Yet the Republicans’ popularity seems to sink continuously. Some pundits believe the Democrats have a shot of reversing the 2010 election upset and retaking the House.

The shutdown only hurt the GOP. The public blames the Republicans by a wide margin. In all their histrionics, they seemed utterly lost, undecided on whether to embrace the shutdown or attack Obama for it. Now they are attacking each other.

Looking at public opinion on big government, conservative talking heads conclude that Republicans simply need to walk the walk. Americans want real fiscal conservatives to represent them, rather than these sellout moderates.

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

And yet the tea party is also less popular than ever. Those associated with the economic far right have lost support, even as the population by and large is turning against the central state.

Here’s another curiosity: The Republicans have put most of their eggs in the anti-Obamacare basket, a strategy that would seem potentially sensible. After all, for years, the majority of Americans have consistently favored repealing the law. The rollout of the website has been disastrous. Liberals are turning against it, or at least their faith is waning. And yet the GOP seems to suffer any time any of them try to do something to stop it.

Read the rest via Could the Republicans Sell Water in the Desert? | Anthony Gregory.

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