Sarvis Featured in WaPo – Again

Libertarian Robert Sarvis scored another favorable article in the Washington Post in his campaign for Governor of Virginia:

Bits like this:savis_family

new nuggets Saturday from little-known candidate Robert Sarvis: Quoting Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Advocating an end to the war on drugs. Discussing abortion as a “metaphysical” disagreement. And saying flatly that contracting policies that favor minority-owned businesses violate “the rule of law.” …

He said that both major parties had failed the country and that it was time for something new: someone who supports both smaller government, as Cuccinelli does, and socially liberal policies, as McAuliffe does — the only candidate, as Sarvis put it, who is “both open-minded and open for business.”

“A third-party governor is exactly what we need,” he said. “We need . . . to take the good from both and leave the bad behind.”

Read the rest via Sarvis Featured in WaPo – Again | Independent Political Report.

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