The New Libertarianism

I spent a fascinating weekend hanging out with a few hundred of the smartest, most forward-thinking college students I’ve met in years. It was a real inspiration to see how these young people are preparing to navigate an economic and social environment that is so radically different from anything their parents knew.

Students for Liberty

Rather than defeatism and despair, I detected a strong dedication to creativity, entrepreneurship, and living a great life despite a system that seems dedicated to bringing them down.

They were gathered for the New York regional conference of Students for Liberty, an organization that is absolutely on fire in its growth and spread around the world. My trip and closing speech were made possible by the Foundation for Economic Education, an innovative partner with Students for Liberty and other students.

This was one of four regional conferences taking place on that very day!

What seems at first to be a political movement is becoming more of a social movement of young people who are determined to claim human liberty as an operating principle in their lives and careers.

Many of the students I spoke with, for example, are thinking very seriously about launching startup companies and actively taking steps to make that happen. They are assembling their network of talent and sharing ideas. They are dreaming of independent lives and making it big—on their own terms.

via The New Libertarianism : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education.

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