UNCG professor helps mobilize independent voters to push for political reform

Having witnessed a rancorous government shutdown and near breach of the federal debt ceiling, plenty of Americans are pessimistic about where we’ll go from here as a country.

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Just don’t count Omar Ali among them.

The historian and associate professor of African American Studies at UNC Greensboro believes “we’re at the very beginning of a transformation in American politics”and he’s helping shape it as co-founder of North Carolina Independents, a nonpartisan association of independent voters focused on political reform.

The group, an affiliate of the national organization IndependentVoting.org, has developed a network of about a thousand active supporters across the state. In the past few weeks alone, it has seen a surge of interest from fellow residents worn out by the unending warfare between Republicans and Democrats.

“Innovation has always come from those outside of the establishment, be it in science, culture or politics,” says Ali, a national authority on independent voters who has been interviewed by CNN, NPR and other major media outlets. “Independents are the outsiders. We bring innovation because we’re not dependent upon the establishment, even as we look to partner up with insider players to reform our existing political system.”

via UNCG professor helps mobilize independent voters to push for political reform | Economy | NewsObserver.com.

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