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The Battle of Concepción was fought on October 28, 1835 between Mexican troops under Colonel Domingo Ugartechea and Texian insurgents led by James Bowie and James Fannin. The 30-minute engagement, which historian J.R. Edmondson describes as “the first major engagement of the Texas Revolution”,[1] occurred on the grounds of Mission Concepción, 2 miles (3.2 km) south of what is now Downtown San Antonio in the U.S. state of Texas.

Portrait of Jim Bowie (the only known oil pain...


On October 13, the newly created Texian Army under Stephen F. Austin had marched towards Bexar, where General Martín Perfecto de Cos
commanded the remaining Mexican soldiers in the Texas. On October 27,
Austin sent Bowie and Fannin, with 90 soldiers, to find a defensible
spot near Bexar for the Texian Army to rest. After choosing a site near
Mission Concepción, the scouting party camped for the night and sent a
courier to notify Austin.


After learning that the Texian Army was divided, Cos sent Ugartechea with 275 soldiers to attack the Texians
camped at Concepción. The Texians took cover in a horseshoe-shaped
gully; their good defensive position, longer firing range, and better
ammunition helped them to repel several Mexican attacks, and the Mexican
soldiers retreated just 30 minutes before the remainder of the Texian
Army arrived. Historians estimate that between 14 and 76 Mexican
soldiers were killed, while only one Texian soldier died.(Wikipedia)


Celebrate our victory in the first major engagement of the Texas Revolution!


Help Lee prepare for victory in our modern day Libertarian R[evol]ution!


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