Sarvis Says He Wasn’t ‘Obama Puppet’ Bowling for Cuccinelli

Robert Sarvis captured 6.5 percent of the vote in Virginia\’s gubernatorial election Tuesday. The Libertarian’s campaign was derided by some opponents as a dirty trick that doomed Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

Ken Cuccinelli (R)

Sarvis says that’s not true.”Am I an Obama puppet or am I a GOP puppet? I tend to think neither,” he told U.S. News on Wednesday. “The GOP had a concerted effort to misrepresent my policy positions [and] this was one last-ditch effort to do so.”Cuccinelli received 45.3 percent of the vote, losing to Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who received 47.7 percent.

Among the negative press Sarvis received was an Election Day article in The Blaze that reported the Libertarian Booster PAC – which gave in-kind donations totalling $11,454 to Sarvis, mostly for ballot petitioning – received $150,000 in January from Joe Liemandt, a wealthy Democratic donor who also gives to Libertarians.

Read the rest via Sarvis Says He Wasn’t ‘Obama Puppet’ Bowling for Cuccinelli – US News and World Report.

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