Refuse To Be A Victim Of Violence



Written by Lee Wrights, candidate for Texas governor…

While I was busy learning life’s lessons the hard way about everything from facing down bullies intent on relieving me of my milk money to dealing with thugs that were determined to do me harm, my father was teaching me something else. Dad was tutoring me in the means by which I could protect myself. He taught me the importance of the ability to meet force with force while avoiding force whenever humanly possible. He taught me to use my wits instead of weapons when it was appropriate, but made sure I knew how to use a weapon when left with no other alternative. Dad also taught me that an unmolested firearm, even fully loaded, is harmless. Ah, there’s the rub.

It is this simple fact that trumpets the safety of firearms. Guns do not kill people! They are not animate with the ability to remove themselves from their hiding places and discharging without external manipulation. The truth is people kill people. Sometimes they use guns; sometimes they use blades; sometimes they use baseball bats; and sometimes they use their hands.

The fact remains that more gun legislation, leading to stricter gun registration, does not and will not stop the killing. People were killing each other long before the first black-powder device was invented (remember, Cain killed Abel with a rock); and, they will continue to kill each other even if you were able to remove every firearm from the face of the planet. It is insane to disarm ourselves only to be left at the mercy of criminals who are no more troubled by the State’s new laws than they were with the old ones.

If you love someone, teach them to shoot. By doing so, you just might be saving their life. Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Your life is too important to trust to someone else who pays no penalty for being late or wrong.

Read the original publication via Refuse To Be A Victim Of Violence | Lee Wrights 2014.

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