Libyan Leaders Give McCain Award, Vote in Sharia Law

Senator John McCain is in Libya, where he was “honored” to receive an award from the Libyan military Chief of Staff. McCain was, of course, a prime cheerleader for the 2011 US attack on Libya which has resulted in the ascent to power of various al-Qaeda linked groups who along with murderous militias further terrorize the decimated country.

Senator McCain

According to a recent US government funded public opinion survey in
Libya, only 32 percent of the Libyan population believes the country is
better off with Gaddafi out of power. Yes, even a US government funded
survey cannot put a positive gloss on the disaster that the NATO attack
has wrought.

In other news… the Libyan parliament brought into power by the US invasion has just voted to make Sharia law the basis of all legislation in Libya. A once-secular Libya is in the hands of al-Qaeda linked groups and various extremist factions and has just voted in Sharia law.*

Heckuva job there McCain and your neocons and humanitarian interventionists…

Have a look at the comments on McCain’s proud Libya Tweet — uh oh Senator:

Read more via Libyan Leaders Give McCain Award, Vote in Sharia Law – Liberty Crier.

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