British University Professor Karl Spracklen Talks About His ‘Metal Music Studies’

Love ’em or not, heavy metal studies at our institutions of higher learning are here to stay.

Remember that heavy metal scholars are metalheads themselves, and they love the music, love the culture, and are working to preserve the heavy metal history that metal fans cherish worldwide.

Heavy Metal Band Member of Paul DiAnno

A video clip Dr. Karl Spracklen, Professor of Leisure Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University, talking about goals of the International Society Of Heavy Metal Studies (ISMMS) and his focus on black metal can be seen below.

In an interview with, Spracklen stated about his decision to create Metal Music Studies: “Heavy metal is an important part of modern culture and everyday life, so studying heavy metal enables us to understand both of those things. For me, the interesting thing about heavy metal is the tension between metal’s strong sense of being part of a non-mainstream subculture, and metal’s place in the industry of modern pop and rock music. That’s because I’m essentially a sociologist. Other heavy metal scholars might be interested in the way the music is constructed, or the meaning behind song lyrics, or the history of the scene, or the use of heavy metal as a philosophy or ideology of life. Heavy metal is just a subject field, a lens, through which we can think about problems in other academic disciplines.”

Read more via British University Professor Karl Spracklen Talks About His ‘Metal Music Studies’ (Video) –

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