Citizens Or Subjects?

The links in the chains of our bondage under the two-party system’s new slavery are government regulations. These links are created by what modern-day politicians call “controlled choice.” Republicans and Democrats are quite clever at disguising the practice of controlling your choices, so it is fitting to spend some time exploring just how limited your choices really are. The only way to abolish the slavery passed onto you by your government is to recognize how you are being exploited and what you can do to bring it to an end. James Bovard said it best in the preface of his 1994 book on government abuse entitled “Lost Rights” when he wrote, “Americans need to remember their constitutional birthright and stand up to arrogant government officials who treat them like subjects rather than citizens.”

Mr. Bovard’s assertion that most politicians treat their constituents like subjects (slaves) rather than citizens (freed men/women) is not far off the mark as anyone that has ever attended board (city council) meetings when zoning matters are discussed can testify. Yes I know. Zoning matters are on the opposite side of the coin when it comes to “glamour” politics; but it is an area with examples of slave mentality between the “rulers” and the “governed.”

First, you must remember the concept of “eminent domain” under which city, county, state, and federal laws (chains) are formed. This concept is based on the belief that in reality government owns ALL property; and therefore, can condemn (take) your property if the government deems it necessary for the “common good.” So when the state wants to build a new road, or a shopping center for that matter, all they have to do is declare the project necessary for the preservation and continuance of the common good and they can force you from your home and take your land.

via Citizens Or Subjects? | Lee Wrights 2014.

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