Morality and Conscience versus the CIA

In 2007 American Robert A. Levinson disappeared in Iran while on a spy mission for the CIA. The New York Times learned that he was a CIA agent in late 2007 but, at the request of the CIA, kept the information secret until now so as not to jeopardize the life of the agent, who is presumed to be in the custody of Iranian officials.

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The controversy provides another reason why the American people should abolish the CIA, not reform it.

Look at the position in which the CIA placed the New York Times. Out of a sense of nationalism and deference to authority, the Times was manipulated into deferring to the wishes of the CIA without even knowing what the CIA agent was up to.

There is no indication that the Times asked the CIA what Levinson was doing in Iran. It apparently doesn’t ask whether the agent was kidnapping, torturing, rendering, or assassinating people. Whatever the agent was doing was apparently considered irrelevant. All that matters is that he is an American working for the CIA, an agency with the omnipotent power to do whatever is necessary to protect “national security.” That’s all the information that’s needed to squelch the story.

Of course, even if the Times had asked for such information, the CIA would have either lied about it or refused to furnish it.

Read more via Morality and Conscience versus the CIA The Future of Freedom Foundation.

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