Shrug Free Of The State’s Shackles

If you live in a town of any size at all it is for you, chances are, the chains of regulation hang heaviest. It is likely that if you own property within the city limits, there are laws, ordinances or guidelines that limit the choices you have as to how you use your property. In fact, in most cities where smart growth programs have become the norm, a property owner can be ordered to plant specific types of trees and shrubs; and even go so far as to specify the maturity of the plants.

If you want to build you are told how you can build, what your structure will look like, and how much it is worth when you are done. County and city governments have been controlling the choices of their citizens for years and doing it in the name of the “greater good” or the “common good.” All the while, year after year, Democrats and Republicans add links to the chains that already enslave us by further legislating our decisions for us. They do not trust us to take care of ourselves.

Like benevolent masters they look down upon the pitiful slaves and mercifully relieve them of their choices and rob them of their personal responsibility.

Has there ever been a better time; have we ever had better reason to stand up and shout, “Enough is enough?” The next time you want to do something on your property ask yourself, “Who controls your choices?” Then, go to them and demand your choices be returned to you.

Read more via Shrug Free Of The State’s Shackles | Lee Wrights 2014.

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