Home For The Holidays

As I listen once again to the taped messages from our men and women in uniform serving overseas being aired on TV and radio this holiday season, it saddens my heart to know that for many of them this is not the first Christmas they’ve spent away from home and family, nor will it be the last. Sadder still is that for too many of those brave souls serving their country, this Christmas will be their last. That should not be.

Whether or not you’re a Christian, or whether or not you even believe in God, the true meaning of this annual holiday season transcends any and all political, national and religious differences. The proclamation of peace on earth and good will to all men is greater than any one person, or any one faith, or any one nation. The reason for the season, as they say, is Peace.

Do not allow the call to “support our troops” to become nothing more than a would-be tyrant’s propaganda tool. No matter how many bumpers stickers, signs, or yellow ribbons that are displayed, no matter how noble and well-intentioned the efforts to raise funds to support our “wounded warriors,” nothing can justify keeping our troops in harm’s way. The best way we can show support for our troops is to bring them all home.

The greatest gift our nation can give to the brave men and women who have pledged their lives in our nation’s defense is to honor that commitment by never again sending them into harm’s way capriciously, unnecessarily, for political gain, or to line the pockets of those who profit from their sacrifice. America is indeed the home of the brave and we should bring the brave home so that they can enjoy the “blessings of liberty” in the bosom and safety of their families. Reuniting families at home would indeed be the greatest Christmas gift of all.

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