Bitcoin Santas Drop Big Money On Hackers Who’ve Been Nice

You can think of them as the Bitcoin Santas. Every so often, they appear out of nowhere and bestow gifts on people across the globe, a bit like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The difference is that they always give bitcoins, the world’s most popular digital currency.

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Late last year, they came to Yifu Guo. Guo runs Avalon, a company that builds and sells “Bitcoin miners,” specialized computers that help run the global open source software system that drives the digital currency.

They didn’t tell Guo who they were or where they were from. They merely said they were with an organization called Bitcoin Grant, and they asked him what his plans were for Avalon.

Guo was skeptical. There’s a website for Bitcoin Grant, but there was no information about who ran the group. There wasn’t even a way to contact them through the site. But since the group had reached out to him over email, he went ahead and chatted with them about the future of Avalon, and before too long, they gave him a gift: 10,000 bitcoins, no strings attached. At the time, they were worth more than $100,000, enough to get Guo started on Avalon’s next generation of Bitcoin miners.

He says he never did learn who these mysterious benefactors were or why they chose to fund his project. But whoever they are, they’re on a mission to bootstrap not only the Bitcoin world, but all sorts of other open source software projects. By definition, open source projects give their software away for free, so they need other ways of funding their hard work, and the shadowy characters behind Bitcoin Grant are dedicated to helping these projects find their feet.

Read more via Bitcoin Santas Drop Big Money On Hackers Who’ve Been Nice – Liberty Crier.

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