No Conflict with Iran

The current conflict with Iran should be viewed in the light of history, and opposed for that reason. Remember . . .

The politicians told us we had to invade Iraq to protect ourselves from weapons of mass destruction, but there were NO weapons of mass destruction. The Downsize DC team actually predicted that outcome with our Truth About War campaign. Now . . .

The politicians are using “weapons of mass destruction” as an argument for conflict with a new country, Iran. Will people trust the politicians again, or learn from experience?

Here at we believe citizens should maintain the following default positions when it comes to politicians and their claims about national defense . .

Goin' to Iran


If a politician’s lips are moving, he or she is almost certainly lying. This is true in general, but especially so when it comes to wars and supposed national security threats.

Most politicians are less interested in your security than they are in their own power. And serving the financial interests of what Eisenhower called “the military industrial complex.” is one of the main ways politicians maintain and extend their personal influence and affluence.

These are sufficient reasons to reject the politicians when they argue for conflict, but history provides even stronger reasons. Our wars (and even the wars of other countries) have tended to follow a six part pattern . . .

Politicians and the drama-loving media scare the people with false or inflated dangers.

The people become frightened and hysterical and clamor for war.

Off to war we go, marching and singing.

But the enthusiasm soon fades, and people come to regret the war.

When the violence ends the main result is debt, death, destruction, and disappointment.

The conditions created by the war then serve as the source for the threats and scare stories that the politicians and the media will use to start the next conflict, after the people have forgotten the lessons of their own history.

We’ve seen all or part of this pattern in every conflict, from the Spanish American War straight through to Iraq and Afghanistan. Just go through your own knowledge of our wars and notice how closely they follow the pattern. Or look up each of our wars on Wikipedia, and judge for yourself.

Read more via Downsize DC No Conflict with Iran.

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