Should Drug-War Victims Pardon the Drug Warriors?

From the Huffington Post:

In the holiday spirit of forgiveness, Gov. Jerry Brown announced pardons on Tuesday for 127 people…. Most of the individuals receiving full and unconditional pardons had been convicted of drug-related offenses.

English: Photo of California Attorney General ...

Well, isn’t that nice? What a good person Jerry Brown is!

Oh, he isn’t the only one. President Obama is too. He recently granted clemency to eight drug offenders. Isn’t he a good person too?

Have you ever seen anything so ridiculous in your entire life? The federal government has ruined the lives of countless people with its much-vaunted, decades-long war on drugs. And then the president and the California governor show what good and compassionate people they are by offering a tiny few of the people whose lives they have destroyed a pardon or clemency.

It’s as though the Mafia goes out and breaks people’s legs and then shows how good, caring, and compassionate it is by handing out free crutches to the victims.

It’s all show time at Christmas time. If Obama and Brown really cared about the people whose lives their drug war has destroyed, they would pardon or grant clemency to every single non-violent drug offender rotting away in prison right now. Pardoning or granting clemency to only a few drug-war victims only reveals the hypocrisy of the whole charade.

Read more via Should Drug-War Victims Pardon the Drug Warriors? The Future of Freedom Foundation.

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