Directed History of Modern Debtors’ Prisons?

Local courts reviving “debtors’ prison” for overdue fines, fees … As if out of a Charles Dickens novel, people struggling to pay overdue fines and fees associated with court costs for even the simplest traffic infractions are being thrown in jail across the United States. Critics are calling the practice the new “debtors’ prison” – referring to the jails that flourished in the U.S. and Western Europe over 150 years ago. Before the time of bankruptcy laws and social safety nets, poor folks and ruined business owners were locked up until their debts were paid off. Reforms eventually outlawed the practice. But groups like the Brennan Center for Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union say it\’s been reborn in local courts …Fox News

Dominant Social Theme: What a surprise this is. Imagine!

Free-Market Analysis: We wrote about this over a year and a half ago, but are not amazed to see Fox presenting it. After all, what is the use of a meme if it is not blasted through the airwaves?

If people are not intimidated, then those involved in the propagation of these dominant social themes aren’t doing their jobs. Here’s what we wrote about this particular theme:

Tax Bill Is Beginning of Formal Debt Criminalization

April 07, 2012 – The United States Congress is steadily headed to a place where those who owe money to the US government shall be treated criminally.

Read more via The Daily Bell – Directed History of Modern Debtors’ Prisons?.

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