Uruguay President Signs Legal Marijuana Into Law

On Dec. 23rd, President José Mujica signed into law a bill that creates a legal, regulated marijuana industry.

The bill, passed two weeks earlier by the Uruguayan Senate, gives lawmakers until April 9th to construct final regulations for the production and sale of marijuana, the Washington Post reports.

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So far, officials have outlined a plan that involves selling marijuana in licensed pharmacies – up to 40 grams a month per customer. Buyers must be residents of the country and will be required to register in a national database.

However, individuals can immediately begin to cultivate up to six plants per family, and harvest up to 480 grams annually.

Despite backlash from the U.N. and neighboring countries like Brazil, President Mujica believes legalization provides a better solution than prohibition, and will ultimately help combat drug trafficking.

While Uruguay is now the first and only country to fully legalize marijuana, other Latin American countries, including Argentina and Chile, are already looking to follow suit.

Canadian Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau, has also made marijuana legalization a part of his 2015 election campaign.

Read more via Uruguay President Signs Legal Marijuana Into Law – Leaf Science.

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