Florida Set To Legalize Medical Marijuana This Fall

A strongly-backed amendment that would legalize medical marijuana in Florida will appear before voters in November.

On Monday, the Florida Supreme Court approved the wording of the amendment to appear on the ballot during this year’s midterm elections, reports The Orlando Sentinel.

English: Medical marijuana neon sign at a disp...

A Quinnipiac University Poll
released late last year suggests 82% of state voters support the
amendment. 60% support is required for the amendment to be adopted.

The amendment also has the backing of former Gov. Charlie Crist, who released a statement following Monday’s news.

“This is an issue of compassion, trusting doctors, and trusting the people of Florida. I will vote for it.” Crist is also running for state governor this fall.

The state Court decision, a slim 4-3 majority, marks the final hurdle in getting the amendment before voters.On Friday, organizers of the United for Care campaign confirmed they had gathered more than the required 683,000 voter signatures.Personal injury lawyer John Morgan has spent about $4 million to fund the campaign, reports The Associated Press.

The lawyer says his conviction is personal. “I got to see it first hand. My father was terminally ill. This guy was very anti-drug. But he was in pain, he had anxiety, he had no appetite. My brother suggested it to him and it was miraculous. I don’t know why medical marijuana works, I just know it does.”

Read more via Florida Set To Legalize Medical Marijuana This Fall – Leaf Science.

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