Why Members of Congress Want Marijuana Rescheduled

A group of congressmen are asking President Barack Obama to remove marijuana from the most dangerous category of controlled substances.

Haught Street Obama "Yes We Cannabis"...

In a letter
addressed to the President on Wednesday, eighteen House Representatives
asked Obama to change marijuana’s status as a Schedule I narcotic under
the Controlled Substances Act.

The lawmakers, which include Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer and 17 of his colleagues, say they were encouraged by Obama’s recent admission that marijuana is no more dangerous to individual consumers than alcohol.

“You said that you don’t believe marijuana is any more dangerous than alcohol: a fully legalized substance, and believe it to be less dangerous ‘in terms of impact on the individual consumer.’ This is true,” they wrote.

As many have pointed out before, marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I substance seems to directly contradict scientific evidence that supports its use as a medicine.

So far, more than 20 states have decided to undermine federal law on marijuana by establishing state-wide medical marijuana programs.

“Schedule I recognizes no medical use, disregarding both medical evidence and the laws of nearly half of the states that have legalized medical marijuana,” the letter continues.

To fix the discrepancy, the lawmakers are asking Obama to instruct the Attorney General to “delist or classify marijuana in a more appropriate way, at the very least eliminating it from Schedule I or II.”

“We believe the current system wastes resources and destroys lives, in turn damaging families and communities. Taking action on this issue is long overdue,” they conclude.

via Why Members of Congress Want Marijuana Rescheduled – Leaf Science.

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