Time to Learn the History Our Founders Knew – Ben Swann

Ernest Renan, a nineteenth-century French philosopher, noted, “Getting its history wrong is part of being a nation.”

This truth has profound implications, chief among which is that the cultural and political trajectory of a nation is determined not only by its past, but also – and to a greater extent – by the stories it tells itself about its past.

The United States’ founding myth rests on the idea that suppressed Americans fought for liberty against some tyrannical and foreign “other”.

The fact that Americans still enjoy more freedoms in practice than nearly all other citizens on the planet owes much to the good fortune that the one piece of the country’s founding myth that is true happens to be the most important fact about the nation’s founding: that it arose, broadly, out of a fight for liberty. Indeed, thanks to the way the Founders Constituted the nation, America became the freest and richest nation in the world in a very short time. They understood so much that even at the rate at which our civil liberties are presently being impinged upon, we are still ahead of much of the world in our everyday experience of freedom and prosperity, and the average American’s deep sense of entitlement to liberty, by virtue of no more than humanity, means that the Establishment, despite its efforts to concentrate power, still has much hard and covert work to do before it can fully control the citizenry.

But what about the second part of the myth – that American liberty was in some way crafted in opposition to the colonial power that it had shaken off? Not only is that wrong: it is dangerous, because believing American liberty started with our nation’s founding is to remain ignorant of the very tradition of liberty on which our Founders depended when they formed these United States. The United States represent not a rejection of this liberal Anglo-tradition, but a distillation of it.

Read more via Political Liberty Turns 1000 Years Old: Time to Learn the History Our Founders Knew | Ben Swann Truth In Media.

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3 thoughts on “Time to Learn the History Our Founders Knew – Ben Swann

  1. tiffany267 February 15, 2014 / 6:42 PM

    Hey there – I scoured your blog for a way to contact you. I’ve been following you since you started on WordPress. I immediately thought of you with some recent news, and I’m hoping you could help a fellow blogger out in the cause of free trade!

    I am protesting Louisiana’s absurd laws against discounts on milk. Yes, you read it right. Discounts on milk are not allowed in the state, and state officials have threatened stores for daring to put milk on sale.

    Please read more and help me protest these laws: http://tiffany267.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/update-protest-louisiana-ban-on-discount-milk

    I definitely felt this would be of interest to you, and I would appreciate your help!

    Also please share on Facebook/Twitter! Thanks so much for always supporting liberty!


  2. Clark January 5, 2015 / 11:42 AM

    Hi tiffany267- You might consider the idea of approaching the problem from the standpoint of LESS laws instead of using laws to justify force against (or to ‘protect’) a merchant. It seems to me that without laws about food, the local gov’t hasn’t any justification to interfere. Remove the local Gov’t’s authority to regulate milk in ANY respect and they will be out of the picture entirely. When ‘they’ abuse regulations (regulations are not legitimate laws) already, how can one correct it using the very tool they are not respecting? Instead, I suggest you work to dissolve the agency which is abusing its authority; otherwise you will keep cutting off one hydra head after another.


  3. RealityChecker November 18, 2015 / 11:55 PM

    The irony is that while these founding fathers didn’t want their rights impinged on, trampled across the liberties of the black people and completely disregarded the liberties that made them human, while enriching themselves on their labor.

    The harsh reality is that much of America’s prosperity is do to slavery and forced labor.


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