Marijuana: How We Will Seize Our Opportunity – and Yours

Exciting times. Marijuana decriminalization and legalization is moving quickly.

Most recently, as was reported yesterday, the US Justice Department announced that banks and other financial entities could participate in the burgeoning marijuana industry without fear of penalty.

English: Cannabis plant from http://www.usdoj....

This is a huge step forward, but one I expected because it is obvious a decision has been made at the highest levels that marijuana is to be legalized much like tobacco and alcohol.

I’ve initiated immediate moves to take advantage of this incredible business opportunity – for our shareholders and our family of readers, many of whom have been with us for nearly five years. I hope you come along with us.

See more below.

But first, a little background. We wrote recently about the expanding marijuana market in our most recent Trends and Sector Report.

The featured article was, “Marijuana: Smell the Profit” and we pointed out that the marijuana industry when it matures could be “perhaps the hottest – and one of the largest – markets in the world.”

We also pointed out that the industry was definitely in flux at the moment, especially in the United States where states are busily legalizing medical marijuana while fedgov remains disapproving.

But we expected that would soon change.

Read more via Anthony Wile & The Daily Bell – Marijuana: How We Will Seize Our Opportunity – and Yours.

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