UPDATE! Protest Louisiana BAN on Discount Milk!

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GREAT NEWS!  We have a petition to protest Louisiana’s unfair laws on milk sales!


Sign now!  Louisiana deserves better than these crazy restrictions on the sale of milk!


WOW.  If you’re a store in Louisiana, and you want to sell your milk at a discount and save your customers some money – FORGET IT.  The State will immediately crack down on you!!!

State auditors in Louisiana have told an upscale food market that it can no longer offer customers its weekly special of $2.99 on a gallon of milk because it violates state law.

Under current state law Louisiana retailers must mark up milk products by at least six percent above the invoice cost after adding freight charges, all according to the Dairy Stabilization Board which oversees milk prices across the state.

Earlier in January, state auditors visited The Fresh Market in Baton Rouge telling them that their…

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