FEC Labels Libertarian Party Irrelevant

Informed voters already understand that Obummer’s Administration has oversteps its egotisical bounds, but when the Federal Elections Commission calls any political party

Libertarian Party Logo

“politically irrelevant,”

…it’s beyond high time to reevaluate agency boundries.

Now for the back story:

In 2007, Raymond Groves Burrington passed away. In his will, he bequeathed a net sum of $217,734 to the Libertarian Party, which was thrilled to receive such a bounty, unexpected though it was.

However, the FEC stepped in and declared the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) could not receive that bulk amount per a 1983 FEC decision that an estate donation equated to a personal donation: They had to limit the immediate donation to the law-restricted $32,400 allowed from a private individual. The rest had to be deposited in a trust fund to allocate the inheritance annually.

The Libertarian Party was rather upset. They wanted to clear some debts with that money, which every hard-working American can understand. They plodded along each year, receiving their restricted amounts but not happily.

Read more via FEC Labels Libertarian Party Irrelevant – Downtrend.com.

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