Molecular Scientists Are Studying Cannabinoids For Treating Cancer

For more than a decade, researchers in Spain have been studying compounds in marijuana as treatments for cancer.

Cristina Sánchez, PhD, is a molecular biologist at Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. Over the past twelve years, Dr. Sánchez and her team have conducted extensive research on the anti-tumor effects of cannabinoids.

Her lab is not the only one to investigate the unique potential of these cannabis-derived compounds. In fact, researchers in many parts of the world, including the U.S., have demonstrated the ability of cannabinoids to combat tumors in various models.

Read more via Molecular Scientists Are Studying Cannabinoids For Treating Cancer – Leaf Science.

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One thought on “Molecular Scientists Are Studying Cannabinoids For Treating Cancer

  1. oldpoet56 March 21, 2014 / 11:39 AM

    I stay in a lot of pain (nerves, heart, skeletal) from a lightning strike while I was in the Army. The VA gives me pain meds like morphine and they give me gabapentin for the nerve pain, I am on the max dosage of that but is seems to only help a small bit, enough that I can definitely tell the difference if I don’t take it for about 24 to 36 hours. My pariferialneorapathy lets me know about it if I make that blunder. But the problem is that I have found out that if I smoke some pot when I am hurting a lot that it helps cut the pain drastically, but if the VA finds any thc in my system they will cut off all my pain meds. It is simply stupid, the one is a God given natural pain reliever that I am not allowed to use they say it is a dangerous drug which most anyone who has ever been around it knows is a total lie. They prefer that we all take these laboratory made drugs.


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