South Africa Considers Allowing Medical Marijuana After Emotional Plea

The South African government has promised to investigate the issue of medical marijuana after a Member of Parliament made a heartfelt plea last week.

Medical Cannabis Growing Operation in Oakland,...

Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, an Inkatha Freedom Party Member of Parliament
and lung cancer survivor, told fellow politicians during a debate last
Wednesday that he would not be alive if not for his use of alternative
cancer treatments, including cannabis.

“I was supposed to die many months ago and I am here because I had
the courage of taking illegal treatments in Italy in the form of
bicarbonate of sodium and here in South Africa in the form of cannabis,
marijuana or dagga,” he said.

“Otherwise, I would be pumped with morphine and I would not be able to speak to you, Mr President.”

Oriani-Ambrosini asked his colleagues to consider a bill that he had written, which would legalize cannabis for medical and industrial purposes.

“What this paperwork stands for is the proposition that there is no rational argument for continuing to deprive medical marijuana to people like me who need it,” Oriani-Ambrosini continued. “It is a crime against humanity.”

Read more via South Africa Considers Allowing Medical Marijuana After Emotional Plea – Leaf Science.

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