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We Are Libertarians

We are not “Republican-light.” We are not “Democratic-light.” We are Libertarians.

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It is tiresome to continually be asked why we would want to run a Libertarian candidate against a “good Republican” or “a good libertarian leaning Republican.” Would this same person ask that of the Democratic Party? Would this same person expect the Democratic Party to not run someone against a “good moderate Republican?” Of course not. So why do they ask us?

I believe Republicans and conservatives do this because they have a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be a Libertarian. They believe we share some sort of camaraderie with them but can offer no proof of what makes them think this way. They throw around words like “Republican-libertarian,” and “conservative libertarian,” and “constitutional libertarian” like these word salads have some sort of meaning. They do not.

A libertarian is someone who believes in the non-aggression principle, plain and simple. Simply put, the non-aggression principle states that no man may initiate force or fraud against another person or his property. This is also called “classically liberal” in many circles and fits just as well as the word libertarian. The political party that upholds these libertarian principles is conveniently named The Libertarian Party. Republicans and Democrats have no such moral compass. This is evident in the sort of legislation both parties have brought us. However, since I am talking about the Republicans today, let’s see what they have done to this state and country recently.

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2 thoughts on “We Are Libertarians | Libertarian Party of Arkansas

  1. Marvin Edwards February 28, 2014 / 8:09 PM

    But a moral compass that points only to property leads to misdirection and immoral results. One of the things that has bothered me about Libertarian theory is that it defends the right of a restaurant owner to post a “Whites Only” sign. As an owner of the property Libertarians grant him the license to discriminate on any basis he chooses, including prejudice.

    To say that a black man cannot go into the nearest restaurant and order a cup of coffee like everyone else is an act of coercion. The “Whites Only” sign initiates aggression.

    Some Libertarians claim that this is no longer a problem today. But now you have Kansas and Arizona granting business owners a “right” to discriminate against gay customers, and refuse services that they provide to everyone else.

    This is morally wrong.


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